Travel Time

December 31st, 2011

I’ve got just under 90 minutes to knock out two more posts and still finish the Reverb Broads blogging prompts for December. And I’m in a hospital room by myself with nothing else to do. So here we go – I can’t promise they’ll be scintillating, but they’ll answer a question or two.

If you could go on a trip regardless of cost, where would you go and what would you see? (from Dana)

If I had answered this a week ago, I would have listed a number of different places, not least of them being Egypt to see the Pyramids and the temple or Hatshepsut, the woman pharaoh; Tuscany; the Terra Cotta Soldiers; the Great Wall of China; Vienna; New York; Tahiti; San Francisco; Seattle; Rio de Janeiro; Havana; St. Petersburg; England; the Taj Mahal; a rainforest; Venezuela; Rome – again; Venice – again; Paris – again; and many, many, many more places. It would be one heck of a long trip.

However, tonight, looking at this question, there is only one place I want to travel:


If you could add my partner, son and dog to that picture, it would just about be the perfect destination.

  • Jane Tuttle

    There really is no place like home.  Take care and you’ll be there soon. 

    • Jane, I’m beginning to think the only person that’s spending more time on her computer these days than me is you :-). Happy new year – and thanks for the warm thoughts!