This Sucks Thursday

December 29th, 2011

I am waaaaaay behind on my Reverb Broads posts, but I have good reasons. Well, at least for the last couple of them. So instead of “Silent Sunday,” today I bring you “This Sucks Thursday” – a picture representation of how I’ve spent my day (as well as words, since I can’t keep my mouth shut to be silent):


In case you can’t see me, I’m the hospital-gown-clad mess in the mirror behind Sean’s heads. Apparently even when you do everything right, asthma can still kick your ass. And it blows big time.

Also good to know – apparently the drugs may┬ámake me bitchier than I already am…at least according to our dear friend Rustain. Think the respiratory therapist I yelled at earlier knows that?

Hope to be back soon!

  • Oh, Kristen. That DOES suck. A fat one. I hope you recover super fast and it starts being Totally Awesome Thursday instead.

    • Let’s say I’d settle for Stepping Out Sunday – as in Stepping Out of this dang hospital! Thanks for the support, Julia!