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January 18th, 2011

Computer x 2

2 Monitors - I'll never go without again

In answer to yesterday’s SA Women Talk Tech blog prompt, I have just one answer (rare for me, I know): I absolutely, positively, cannot live without my work computer. It may not be sexy, hell, it may not even be fast (or at least not as fast as I’d like), but I love it, and I would stay in my office and work at it all day if I could.

Bet you didn’t expect that, huh?

I actually like desktop computers way more than laptops. I like using an actual mouse, not a touchpad. And I like a full-size keyboard, complete with the number keypad on the right. Call me old-fashioned – I just like the speed and consistency with which my computer runs and the comfort I have with using it. Plus, it has all my favorite programs – Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Outlook, etc.

I can run dual browsers on it at the same time for when the content manager for the NASPA website (for which I’m the IV-West coordinator) doesn’t want to work in Chrome. And I can run them on separate monitors. I can look at email on one side and Facebook on the other. I almost never have to print stuff off to compare because of the dual monitors, too.

So there you have it – I LOVE my computer. This is not to say I wouldn’t love it more if it ran just a wee bit faster (hint, hint higher-ups).

If I’m not in my office, however, my iPhone takes the prize. I don’t leave home (or anywhere, for that matter) without it.

What are your favorite work tech tools?

  • Can you share with us non-dual screen users how to hook it up?

    • Well, I could, except I didn’t hook it up :-). Really, though, one of the monitors is just hooked into the other one, and both are plugged into my computer from what I can tell. Our on-campus IT folks hooked it up for me, but I’ve since unhooked and re-hooked it up a couple of times when moving offices, and that’s the basic wiring hook-up of it. Once it is hooked up, you can move stuff on your desktop to the other monitor to make it open there in the future (for example, when I open a new message to send in my email, then move it over to the second monitor, all new messages I open after that open on the second monitor).

  • As of right now, it is my Palm Pre phone..serves so many purposes for me. I think that will change once I end up back in the field, probably an i-pad!