Paint By Number

December 21st, 2011

I’m still playing along with the Reverb Broads prompts for the month, and there’s only eleven left, so if you’ll bear with me a bit longer, I’ve still got some questions to answer. Yesterday’s prompt is from Neha:

Life is a work of art, or so they say.  What beauty do you regularly appreciate/revere in your life?

And in that prompt lies a great question – do I actually regularly appreciate beauty in my life? I think sometimes it’s easy for me to get caught up in all the things that are wrong, that are difficult or ugly. I used to work in women’s centers on college campuses, and one of the reasons I left is because despite all the time and effort and energy I put into the work, nothing really seemed to change. The people around me didn’t seem to get it any more than before I started doing the work – or at least that’s how it felt most days. It’s hard to keep going back when you don’t feel like you’re making a difference at something which it’s so important to make a difference. It was too easy to see the ugly instead of the small blips of change or beauty around me.

I don’t know that I’m much different today – though I’m in a different job. I tend to easily be able to focus on what’s bad instead of the good around me. But when I take time to notice the good or the beautiful, here’s a few things I tend to notice:

Music – Music can make me  happy or sad, calm or worked up. It has an amazing power to influence not just me and my emotions, but the ones of those around me. And it is so, so important to sometimes take the time to dance to it – no matter how much of a fool you look doing it.

Water – I am a sucker for water features or pretty much any water in nature. I’m not a Pisces for nothing, you know. If I ever find a quiet spot by a pond, a lake, a river, an ocean, I’m sure to make my way back there at some point just to read or write or just think. And to soak up some nature.

Lights on a wet road – Have you ever noticed how cool the reflections of different lights are when you’re driving in the rain? It’s almost like your very own light show.

Aedan – I think it’s amazing how it’s possible for us as humans to make another little creature who becomes their own person. And to be able to see a bit of each of you within him is pretty beautiful, too.

So even with my lack of ability to notice beauty, I guess there are a few things that manage to catch my eye. And maybe I’ll try to look for more. Call it a new year’s resolution.