March Madness – Female Authors

March 15th, 2015

So though I don’t mind me some basketball, I have yet to be interested enough to fill out a bracket for March Madness. Last year, though, I got very excited when my local library decided to do a bracket of book characters. Until, that is, I noticed almost all of the book characters were male. What kind of crap was this? So last year I created a bracket of all female book characters – because, that’s right – there were definitely enough for an entire bracket.

Based on the interaction and feedback I got from that bracket, I’ve created another one – this year for all female authors. Because who doesn’t want to promote both reading and women?

Want to participate? Here’s the details:

Fill out your own bracket – here’s the starting bracket – print it off and fill it out for yourself.

Make sure to vote for each round – authors advance based on the number of votes they receive, so you’ll have to vote if you want your picks to advance. I’ll be posting links to each round as they’re live. Lucky for you, round 1 is live now.

March 16 – 18: Round 1 voting

March 19: Round 1 winners posted

March 19 – 22: Round 2 voting

March 23: Round 2 winners posted

March 23 – 26: Round 3 voting (Sweet 16)

March 27: Round 3 winners posted

March 27 – 30: Round 4 voting (Elite 8)

March 31: Round 4 winners posted

March 31 – April 2: Round 5 voting (Final 4)

April 3: Round 5 winners posted

April 3 – 5: Round 6 voting (Championship)

April 6: Champion announced

I hope you’ll play along, and best of luck to your authors!