Little Man Update

January 9th, 2012

So, for those of you that are following along, a few weeks ago I was all angsty about some issues with the Little Man and school stuff. He kept telling us about all these bad days he was having at school, culminating in a threat for him to miss out on a big school-wide movie day with The Polar Express – an event he missed last year because he was sick, so was doubly anxious about missing out on this year.

Well, after receiving many comments and emails with suggestions and advice, Sean and I contacted his teacher via email to set up a meeting. She seemed a little confused but was happy to meet with us, and suggested we meet with the principal, too. The fun of being in education ourselves is that we know the drill – always include additional witnesses, right? But hey, for us, it’s just a bonus – we get additional feedback on what the heck is going on with our kid these days.

So just before the holidays, we sat down with his teacher and the principal to figure out what all his “bad days” were about. Come to find out, his teacher had no idea what the heck we were talking about! Sure, the little guy had made a few mistakes, but nothing majorly traumatic, and despite the fact that he had told us he was on “red” in their green-yellow-red traffic light system three days in a row, she hadn’t even been using that! So what was going on? Well, apparently, during after school time, one of the teacher’s aide’s had been using the system when she wasn’t supposed to be, and he had been having issues with her. Not to mention that they had been putting him in after school situations where he was alone with the two other boys in his class with whom he tends to get the rowdiest. As his teacher put it, none of them are old enough to make good decisions about what they do when they’re together if the teachers don’t step in and separate them.

The real issue is that our kid tends to take one or two little mistakes that he makes throughout an entire day and turn them into an entire BAD DAY. I don’t know anyone else in our family who does this – I’m sure he doesn’t get it from his mom, right?

The good news is his principal and teacher are pretty dang awesome and came up with some great ways to counteract all of this. His teacher has been giving him stickers on a regular basis since then to let him know that he’s had a good day (and therefore let us know). And his attitude about school has turned 180 degrees. He’s happy about going because he knows his teacher thinks he’s a good boy. And his principal is all about working with us to make sure he enjoys it there and that he knows there is a team of us behind him making sure he is successful.

Seriously, I don’t think I could love his school more. And I’ll admit, despite the fact that I’ve struggled with his teacher from time to time, I am so impressed with what she’s done in the last couple of weeks to reassure both him and us that he’s a good kid. I feel ten million times better about all of it.

Thanks to all who left comments or Facebook messages – you not only reassured me, but you gave me some great feedback to share with his teacher. And as for the Little Man (LM, as we call him, which occasionally also stands for “Little Monster”), he’s loving life these days and loving school.

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