December 9th, 2010

When it comes to work and organization, I am a list-maker. I LOVE lists. And not just a five-item, things to do today or this week list (mostly because if it’s only five items, those are generally HUGE items, and therefore almost impossible to cross off). I like long lists on which I can cross off multiple items daily. I love seeing stuff crossed off of my lists – it motivates me to do more. And I’ll even admit – I occasionally put things on my list that I’ve already finished just to cross them off (oh come on, I know at least SOME of you do this, too).

I will also admit that part of the joy of list-making is in putting pen to paper – I know, I’m a tech person, I’m not supposed to like paper – but I do. And it feels good to write on it. So in my transition to putting a number of different things that I have normally used paper for on my iPad, I have to say that I have really struggled with the list function. I started playing with and the List n’ Do app for the iPad/iPhone. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the sync functions at first, although those have definitely improved with recent updates. The difficulty for me comes in continuously remembering to check and update it. Oh, and in the guilt factor.

I hate, no really, I HATE seeing alerts on my phone/iPad, so whenever something is overdue (which is pretty often), I try not to sync the list thing on my iPad with the website so I don’t have to see the alert. Kind-of defeats the whole purpose of the site/application, no? Or I get to a point where so many things are overdue, that I give up on that list altogether and start a new one. So in that sense, paper? A lot easier to crumple up and toss (and slightly more therapeutic).

But I’m going to give this whole iPad/iPhone/Toodledo thing another try, because I truly do detest carrying around a pad of paper just so I can keep up with my to-do lists, no matter how much I enjoy the feel of pen on paper.

Do you have any applications that you love for list-making? Are there any issues you’ve encountered in switching from paper to electronic?

  • I love Teuxdeux because what I don’t finish today automatically pushes to tomorrow.