iPad for the Win!

October 8th, 2010

Yikes – I’ve been remiss in posting here lately…mostly because I recently dealt with a bout of some awful energy-zapping illness and have just finally been able to catch up at work, home and life in general. It is amazing how one week can set you back so far.

One thing I’ve been wanting to write about for awhile now is my switch from paper to iPad and how that has worked for me. I got an iPad back in April, thinking I was totally going to use it for work, and instead I found myself using it to play Moonlight Mahjongg while watching TV instead. After seeing how much my partner was able to use his at work, I decided I just needed to re-think its functionality, as well as my mindset about paper.

For a tech gal, I love me some paper. I love books on paper, I love to write on paper, I like to print things off and read on paper – I know, I’m a tree killer. More importantly, though, I’m inefficient because of paper. Because I would write notes from meetings on the same piece of paper I had my to-do list, it became difficult to file that information. And even if I had, I never would have remembered that I had filed it in the first place and probably just forget all about it. So instead, I was typing up my notes so I could file them on my computer (I’m much better at organizing on a computer than on my desk – ask my boss). Yeah, not so much a good use of my time.

So, after some research into various applications, I’ve found a few that make my paper needs (other than my own personal affection for it) practically obsolete. A word processing app to open meeting agendas, take notes, and then save and/or send them back to myself to file on my computer takes care of my obsessive note-taking urges (and frankly, I probably write more concise notes now that I’m not just doing it because I enjoy the feel of pen on paper). A to-do list app – in combination with my new favorite web site, Toodledo.com – has been a great way for me to keep my lists organized and dated. I can stay on top of tweeting and Facebooking important information while on the go – app or no app. And being able to access and refer to email and various communications with a touch of my fingertips has become invaluable in meetings.

So while I still carry the occasional notepad to meetings, and I still like the way writing on one feels, my iPad has, for all intents and purposes, replaced my inefficient, paper-loving, tree-killing practices. Now, to figure out how to use it for all of our residential life purposes…