How to Blog: Part IV

December 14th, 2011

Read Me! Blog Promotion

Alrighty, now that you’ve got your blog all up and running, and you’re posting regularly (or semi-regularly), the next step is to get that blog out there so people are actually reading it! Luckily for you, there are a number of social media forums in which you can promote yourself that weren’t first available when many people started blogging. Back then, we had to use (gasp!) email!


Twitter is probably one of the best resources available for promoting your blog – mostly because this is where you’re likely to find people who are looking for material on a particular theme or area and will hungrily devour anything they can find on that topic. Make sure to use hashtags (the # sign, for those not in the know) and label your blogs appropriately. Add a Twitter button to your blog so that others can share it once they find it, too.

Pro tip: Try using a tool like the Buffer App or Hootsuite to schedule your tweets and/or Facebook updates about your blog. Buffer finds the times of day when your followers on Twitter are most active and automatically schedules your tweets to publish at those times. Hootsuite allows you to link Facebook and Twitter and schedule all your posts, as well as organize your social media presence.


Well, duh, if you’re publishing on Twitter, Facebook has to be next, right? Just keep in mind who you’re sharing with on Facebook. Friends and family may not get that excited about getting your blog updates if it’s business related. And, though you can schedule the same update for both Twitter and Facebook, I would encourage you to think differently about your audiences and how to approach them in a way that will get them to your blog. Some people want the down and dirty details, others will want to know more about why you’re writing on a particular topic. Address your tweets and status updates appropriately.


Frequently ignored by bloggers (even by me, I admit it) for it’s unexciting interactivity, LinkedIn can be an ideal forum in which to share work-related blogs – especially if you’re trying to create a niche area for yourself or become a known expert on a certain topic. Just make sure whatever you’re blogging about is something you want colleagues or future employers to see.


Wait, what did she say?! Yeah, I know, people don’t read emails, blah blah blah. But seriously, if you are trying to make sure particular people see your blog, what better way to get them there than sending them a personalized email with links to your blog, or even blog excerpts? Some of the biggest and best bloggers started with this tool, and some still use it – hey, if it works, don’t knock it.


But we’re all paperless now, you say. Sure, but when you run into people, do you think they’re going to remember your blog address (even if it’s incredibly memorable to you)? Try getting some business cards or other fun promotional items printed with your blog address.  I’m a big fan of the Moo Minicards – mostly because they’re just darn cute.

Moo Card

A Final Note about Promoting Yourself

There are bloggers who make their living from their blog, and in that way, I feel they have every right to promote their blog out the yin yang. However, if you do not make your living from your blog, beware the over-promotion of it. People get frustrated and annoyed when they feel they are being sold to every time they see an update from you, so it’s important to fill your Twitter and Facebook feeds with other types of interaction. And don’t forget to respond to comments, comment on other blogs, and engage your readers! People will keep coming back if they feel you’re listening to them, too.

So, now that you have all this great blogging how-to information, go forth and blog! And come back and let me know about your blogs so I can post them in the blogroll on the side bar – how’s that for promotion?

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  • Nae

    I really have no clue how to put the FB or Twitter buttons on my blog. I’ve read a tutorial but it did not help. I could sure use some pointers!  

  • Janine_bradley

    These steps were so helpful! Thank you for pointing them out! I will have to get thinking about what I want my blog to be like – your posts gave me some good homework!