Gimme Gimme

December 24th, 2011

On this Christmas Eve, I love this prompt from Kassie, which asks us to reflect on some great gifts:

Name your top 5 best holiday gifts given or received. Who gave it to you? Who were you giving to? Why was it memorable?

As usual, I have to change this up just a little since I’m ornery – I’m not going to stick strictly with holiday gifts. I’m guessing you’ll forgive me. So, in no particular order, here are some of the best gifts I’ve received or given…

(Okay, no particular order except this first one, which is easily the best EVER).

Cold as Ice

Okay, it’s kind-of obvious why these rings together are the best gift EVER, but bear with me anyways. The diamond in the engagement ring was my grandmother’s, which makes it doubly cool. And sapphires are Sean’s birthstones, so it makes it even more awesome that I have them in my rings. And besides the fact that Sean gave them to me, these rings represent the best thing in my life – our marriage and everything that has come from it. So yeah, I kinda like this one.

As I might have mentioned before, I do a little cross stitch from time to time. And though I’ve made a number of super cool pieces (including a cool Kansas City sampler for my dad, some picture frames for friends in college, a Bucky Badger scarf for my mother-in-law, and a sweet pool room sign for Sean’s grandfather, among others), my all-time best piece was one that was an ivory on ivory wedding sampler that included beadwork, ribbon, and a number of different types of stitches that I made for a good friend when he got married. And yeah, I’m pretty sure it burned in a fire recently with the rest of their belongings, so I’m feeling pretty annoyed with myself that I didn’t at least take a picture of it at some point. Oh well – I think they liked it when I gave it to them.

The gift that keeps on giving…

Hot Moms

I found this shirt in Target on a random shopping trip and knew Sean had to have it. It has been worth every penny. The first time he wore it out in public, he had both a young man comment on how he liked moms, too, and an older woman get pretty excited over it. Tonight he wore it to dinner and got a disapproving glare from an older gentleman. And I’m trying to convince him to wear it to the hospital and walk through the maternity ward for a good time.

I absolutely can’t forgot three of the best gifts I ever received from Sean – three apples. Or Apples, to be more exact. My first iPhone, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air were all gifts from Sean. Oh, come on now. You didn’t think I could leave the gift of technology off my list, did you? I wouldn’t be writing this post without them.

And finally, my most recent favorite gift:

Wonder Woman Watch

I just got this from my friend and boss (via Sean’s recommendation), and I have worn it every day since. If I need to tell you why this is such an awesome gift, I doubt you’ll understand.

What are your favorite gifts? What are you giving/getting this year?

  • I friggin’ love that watch!

  • Your rings are beautiful!  What a great story. 🙂
    My favorite gifts that I have given include TheRPh’s first guitar, his personalized license plates, and all the gifts I gave my kids when they were young enough to yell after every gift “JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!”. 

    • That sounds like Christmas at our house this year – even down to the apple peeler he got from his grandparents – best. present. ever. According to Aedan :-).

  • The rings are beautiful, but I’m seriously coveting the watch.  

    And feel better on the asthma.  I hate asthma attacks, especially at holidays.