Forging a New Path

August 6th, 2010

While chatting briefly with my colleague and former supervisor Brenda Bethman yesterday, we noted the dearth of women technology and student affairs blogs on the interwebs. Student affairs blogs by women? Yes. Technology blogs by women? Certainly. But combine the two? I have a hard time finding many. So did Ed Cabellon in his post the other day recommending tech blogs to follow.

I’m not sure why this is, other than that technology of any sort has long been a field dominated by males, and though women are definitely making huge leaps in that area, we’re still cautious of advertising it. Who are we to say we’re “experts” in an area that we’re just breaking into? And how does one define an “expert?” I don’t know that I think of myself that way, until I realize that at my institution, that’s exactly what I am.  And why shouldn’t I claim that title?

In any case, during this little conversation, Brenda and I decided that we should create a group blog – a forum for women in student affairs with an interest in technology. This is not just a chance to showcase the women that are doing things with technology in the field of student affairs – although hey, why shouldn’t we do that? This is also a chance to talk about some of the unique issues that face women as we break into a formerly male-dominated area.

So where are you, oh goddesses of technology and student affairs? Care to join us? Let us know if you’re interested!

Kristen Abell at and Brenda Bethman at

  • me_oh_my

    I'm interested!

  • Jennifer

    Sorry-I forgot that sign in doesn't have a real name associated with it. It's Jennifer keegin.

  • Jaime

    I was thinking this the other day! I love tech and student affairs so these things need to be more present in my life!
    I am a grad student in a SA, employed in SA as graphic designer, IT coordinator for a grad student org and very much interested in your project!

  • Lulu, Karl, Carlita, y Luke

    I have a family blog but am thinking of getting my tech blog up and going. I'm in!!!

  • Melanie Lawson

    I'm definitely interested! I also retweeted your notice about this to the ACPA Standing Committee for Women account, hopefully that'll generate others interested!

  • D

    I would love to participate. Great idea…and thanks for the heads up Melanie! I'm Daria at

  • Kristendom

    Excellent! It looks like we have some great interest. Brenda and I are going to chat about next steps and try and set up a conference call soon. Of course, we started talking about this in August which is obviously the least busy time for student affairs :-), so it may be September before we get started. But we're really looking forward to getting it up and running!

  • Brenda

    In order to set up our conference call, I need your emails, so if you didn't leave one in your comment, please send to me at


  • CR

    I would love to participate! I <3 technology!