Follow Friday – Content Curation

April 12th, 2013

Today I thought I’d focus on a few folks who do an amazing job curating content for the rest of us poor schlubs on Twitter who are just trying to keep up. These are people who must spend every spare moment reading online content, as far as I can tell – and thank the goddess they do, because now I don’t have to.

Laura Pasquini (@laurapasquini) – Laura is spectacular at tweeting out all sorts of tech information, and I am fortunate enough to be on her list of interested parties, because she sometimes even tags me directly in tweets (always much appreciated!). She even has a particular talent at spotting information about women in tech – one of my favorite topics.

Chris Conzen (@clconzen) – I have it on pretty good authority that Chris sleeps way less than the rest of us, and I assume he must be spending all that extra time reading online content so that he can share it with those of us catching a few extra minutes of sleep. In addition to sharing general higher ed info, Chris does a great job finding content about community colleges, so definitely check him out if you’re looking for that. If you’re lucky, he’ll even chance upon a conversation of yours and share something particularly relevant – it’s almost a little scary how he can do that.

Joe Ginese (@joeginese) – Joe is all about everything innovative – whether it’s his new BFF Seth Godin or what’s new in higher ed, he has creative juices flowing all over his Twitter feed. Need some inspiration? Want to see what the newest thing in higher ed (and out) is? This is your guy!

Who do you follow to find content? What is your favorite type of online content to share?