Finding My Way Again

August 13th, 2015

Awhile ago, I wrote about wanting to be more than SA-everything – that, of course, includes my blogging. Unfortunately, since then, I have yet to write much of anything that isn’t SA-related. Strong habits die hard, I guess. There was a time when I blogged five times a week just about myself, my son, my house, and other aspects of my life. Now I can’t figure out what is happening in my life about which it’s worth blogging. How do I bring myself back to a happy medium of occasionally blogging about work and also blogging about my life?

I think the key in that paragraph above is the phrase “about which it’s worth blogging.” Somewhere along the way, I’ve determined that people don’t want to read about my other pursuits – my cross stitch or my reading or my life in general. It takes a little time – and work – to get that confidence in what I’m writing about back. But I’m determined to do that.

Today, my friend Becca sent me an article with this quote:

There will be so many people like you once you start sharing who you really are. You will start writing the truth, not some “branded” version of yourself zipped up perfectly for public consumption. No, this will be messy, weird truth, and you will sift through your past to dig up even juicier, messier, weirder truth, and you will keep sharing it. It will free you.

I think I’ve done some of this in sharing about the messiness that is my depression – but I think there’s more of myself I can share, and I’m hoping to do that. Part of that means going back to my old blogging habits – writing at night, on my laptop, after my son goes to bed (or at least while he’s otherwise occupied), from wherever is comfortable. Part of that means digging back into my life and figuring out that what I do, what I enjoy, what I think about is worth sharing – and may help me reach others who need to learn that about themselves, too. And part of it means that not every blog post has to have a message – a story, yes, but not necessarily a message. There’s a difference, and it’s an important one – we can reach specific others through our stories, but a message is meant for broader appeal. And let’s be honest, for people to share our blog posts far and wide.

Most importantly, I need to remember who I’m blogging for – and the answer to that is me. I hope to connect with people through my blogging, but if I blog for my audience instead of myself, I lose myself along the way.

So welcome to me. I hope a few of you find something that resonates. But if not, that’s okay, too. I’ll keep on writing anyways.