Cross Stitch

I began my long affair with cross stitch when I was a precocious nine-year-old, stitching small teddy bear patterns and dreaming of a day when I could stitch huge, elaborate patterns. While that day is still to come (I mean really, who has time for that sort of stitching?), I have managed to continue my cross stitch hobby long enough that it is now somewhat cool to be a stitcher. And since I love cross stitching, my friend Sue talked me into opening my own Etsy shop.
Cross stitch piece in black frame: "Well-behaved women seldom make history"
Princess Bride cross stitch ornaments
I started with a few ornament patterns I got from someone else, but since then, I’ve done solely my own patterns as I get more and more custom requests. And I’ve added a few items of my own that make me particularly happy – especially ones with cuss words (who doesn’t love a good cuss word in cross stitch?) and geekery.
I’ve even managed to find ways to use this to help in my struggles with depression and found others out there doing the same thing. Why wouldn’t I keep doing something that helps me with that? And hey, if I can make enough that it doesn’t cost me anything to stitch, even better.
fuck depression cross stitch
A cross stitched piece in a black frame: a cat, dog, woman, man, and then another cat and dog, with "2017" stitched under them
At a certain point, the Etsy shop got a little out of hand. When you spend more time cross stitching Christmas presents for people than reading, the balance gets out of whack. However, I still occasionally stitch for hire, and I’m currently working on developing an online cross stitching class for those that want to learn on their own. If you’re interested in either of these things, or just want to talk cross stitch shop, feel free to contact me at

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