Conversations with the Little Man

June 28th, 2010

I have a rather long post coming up about my most recent foray into self-portraiture, but first, I thought I’d share a few gems from the mouth of my 30 four-year-old son. This weekend was especially entertaining, and it actually went pretty well overall with me being on my own. I was almost kinda sad to drop him off at school this morning. And then the quiet in the car got me over that.

“Mom, I need you to get me a lot of animals because I’m going to be a farmer soon.”

“We should give away our toys if we have too many.”
“Oh, so you want to give away some of your toys?”
“Not me. I don’t have too many.”

(After telling him there is one more aisle in Target where we might find pool toys)
“Mom, I just don’t know if I can trust you.”

While at Target, we finally did find some Toy Story pool toys, and since we had just seen the third movie, he was extremely excited to get these. Only later did I find out why.
“Mom, if I play with my toys really good, they might come alive.”
“Um, buddy, while I appreciate the thought, that was just a movie. That doesn’t actually happen in real life.”
“Yes it does!”
(Me shouting at the car that just cut me off on the highway going 40 mph) “Really?!”
“Yes, really!”

At bedtime, we have gotten into a routine of just telling stories, talking about our day, singing, whatever, rather than just laying quietly and cuddling. He has apparently gotten to the age where he likes to tell not-so-funny jokes (as evidenced by the one he told in the car earlier that I couldn’t even pretend to laugh at because it made no sense – less than no sense). A couple nights ago, though, he told a joke that he found absolutely hilarious.
“Mom, Mom, I’m going to tell you a joke about Sammy.”
“Okay. Go for it.”
“Why did Sammy fall off the wall with Humpty Dumpty?”
“I don’t know. Why?”
“Because she was cracking up!”
(Bought of hysterical giggles ensues for five minutes – I seriously don’t know that I’ve ever seen him laugh this hard. And whether the joke is funny or not, you try not laughing at that giggle.)

Ever since he saw Alvin and the Chipmunks, he has been a big fan of Alvin’s – mostly because their names both start with “A.” Whenever anything is going on that we try to discipline him for, we can be sure Alvin is at the root of it. Talking at bedtime? Alvin was keeping him up. Mess in his room? Alvin made it. Tonight at dinner, though, this might have been my favorite so far.
“Are you not hungry, buddy?”
“Nope. I’m not hungry.”
“Hmmm…well, if you’re not hungry, that probably means your belly hurts. Guess we can’t go swimming.”
“No, no, my belly doesn’t hurt. See, Alvin just opened up a door in my belly. Then he crawled in there and closed the door behind him. Now he’s making it so I’m not hungry.”
“Well, maybe you should tell Alvin to stop doing that so you can go swimming.”
“But he closed the door behind him! I can’t get to him now. I can’t figure out which path he took.”

My favorite conversation of the whole weekend, however, involved his best friend/worst enemy Mikahl.
“I want to be Mikahl’s twin brother. Then I will have a sister Caran. And two cats. And Mikahl’s mom and dad. And live in Mikahl’s house.”
“You’re trading Daddy and me in for Mikahl’s mom and dad?”
“Yeah. I like Mikahl’s house. Our house is broken down. And Mikahl’s house is blue. And I think I’m ‘llergic to Sammy, but I’m not ‘llergic to cats.”

Apparently we’ve worn out our welcome with the kid already.

  • Shannon M.

    "I can't figure out which path he took" is my favorite line. Creative kid. Awesome.

  • Leslie

    Can Aedan, Mikahl, and Caran sometimes live at your house, too?

  • Kristendom

    Leslie – apparently not. Our house is too broken down and not blue. Sorry – they're all yours. 🙂