Carpet and Purging

January 16th, 2012

Well, this has been an exciting weekend around the Abell-Grube household. Did we go out and do lots of crazy and exciting stuff? Hell no. We got new carpet and spent the weekend cleaning – and I loved it!

New Carpet

A glimpse of the new carpet

Friday brought new carpet for our house, courtesy of my lovely mother-in-law’s Christmas gift. Forget jewelry and clothes – household improvement is a fantastic gift. Unless you’re my husband. Then you are required to get me jewelry. NEVER a vacuum or other household appliance. Just remember that, and you’ll be good.

But back to the carpet – so we had four rooms carpeted on Friday, which meant lots of cleaning out of the massive amounts of STUFF acquired in those rooms over the past six plus years – especially in the closets. Before putting stuff back, Sean and I spent A LOT of time going through it and making sure we wanted to keep it. Yes, it was tempting at times to just throw it all in there and be done with it, especially as there are still at least two or three boxes of stuff left for me to go through. But we stuck with it, and so far we’ve managed to get rid of four LARGE bags of clothes and other items and three large-ish boxes of household items and toys. Yep, I even managed to cull down Aedan’s room a little bit, though I had to wait until he was gone to do it. There were many conversations like the following had over the weekend:

Aedan: You’re not getting rid of this basket are you?

Me: You mean the basket that’s been shoved in a corner of our laundry room that we haven’t used in SIX YEARS? Why yes, yes we are getting rid of that basket.

Aedan: But I LOVE this basket! It has different sections for my collection!

Me: What collection?

Aedan: Whatever collection I decide to have some day. I HAVE to keep this basket!

So yeah, it wasn’t quite as easy as I would have liked getting rid of stuff, as we had to pass through the Little Man gauntlet first, but we still did pretty good with all of it. And Sean even managed to cull down his t-shirt collection from 55 to 35. Yes, that’s right, he has more than enough t-shirts to wear for every day of the month, and that was as much as he could manage to cut it down to. Impressive, really. Or something.

Meanwhile, we’ve managed to clean out the closet in the basement, the closet in our guest room/office, our closet (well, mostly Sean’s stuff in our closet – I’d already cleaned most of my stuff out over the summer), our laundry room (which had a big ol’ junk pile in it), and Aedan’s room. Already it’s almost like living in a different house – a house where stuff has its own space, and we aren’t shoving random things in random places.

Art Bucket

My DIY art station for Aedan - idea courtesy of Pinterest

And as for the carpet, I love love LOVE it! It is super soft and cushy, and best of all, clean. Of course, I was home all of five seconds before Sean asked me not to wear my shoes on it. And just in case you’re wondering if I’m as sarcastic at home as I am everywhere else, my response was to ask him to try not to walk on it, if possible. He can preserve it all he wants – just so long as I’m allowed to enjoy it.