A Stitch in Time

October 6th, 2010

You might have noticed that in my “By the Numbers” post earlier this week that I mentioned cross-stitching. I haven’t mentioned it a lot in my blog (or ever, possibly), but this has long been one of my favorite hobbies, and one of the few that has actually stuck. I started cross-stitching when I was a kid, I don’t even remember how old, and I have completed a number of different projects. I have also not completed a number of different projects. By my estimate, I have at least six unfinished cross-stitch projects in various stages at this point in time. There may be more.

I have rarely, if ever, been able to sit through a TV show or movie without doing something to keep my hands occupied. Most of the time this has been cross-stitch. Occasionally I’ve ventured into other crafts – knitting, latch hook, Swedish weaving, beading – but always I’ve enjoyed cross-stitch most. And I’ve made some pretty cool projects – a couple of which are pictured here (yes, the pictures are crappy – taken on my cell phone camera at Sean’s grandfather’s house after they were framed and while I was supposed to be keeping an eye on my four-year-old – but you get the basic idea).

As I dove in (again) to one of my projects recently, I realized something both sad and yet cool at the same time: I own absolutely none of my finished projects. Every time I’ve done a project in cross stitch, it’s always been as a gift. The few I’ve started on that I planned to keep have never been finished – maybe I’m just not motivated to give something to myself. So you see, sad – I have no record of the stuff I’ve made, and I can’t be motivated to do something for myself. On the other hand, I’ve made some really cool gifts over the years – samplers, baby bibs, towels, shirts, scarves, etc. – and they’re all floating around out there still, hopefully taking up space in someone’s house (and hopefully not just in their attic or basement). It’s kind-of neat to think there are so many pieces of me out there with my friends and family (and wow, that was almost touchy-feely and sentimental, yikes).

And while I have a few more projects I’d like to do for others still, I hope one day I can have at least one thing that I’ve made entirely for myself. Oh, and I’m also hoping I can remember to actually take pictures of stuff before I give it away – at least then I’ll have some record of how I’ve been spending my time. You know, besides this blog and the ridiculous list of books read, that is.