7 Days: Summer Edition

June 30th, 2010

Last week was the summer edition of 7 Days. This is the second time (see first here) I’ve been able to participate in this week-long narcissistic love-fest of photos.

Italian Feast!

In some ways I was braver this time around, although I’m not sure my shots were that much more creative. I’ve found that one of my favorite parts of the process is the editing I can do after I upload the picture to my computer. There are too many ways to make the photo look different, or closer to how you imagined it. Of course, sometimes a raw photo is the best, too. I think the important thing is to know when to play and when to leave it alone.


I think the photos in this series probably show a little more of my day-to-day life than the photos in the last series. The first shot was taken at a dinner party hosted by my good friends Kassie and Joe. And I’m wearing a pink dress. Pink. It might be one of two or three pink things I own. I even painted my toenails pink to match (not a color I would normally have, except that Aedan picked it out at one point for his toenails). I’ve decided I need to find more occasions to wear that dress.

The second shot in the series is obviously heavily edited, but also depicting a typical weekend activity for me – and also a perfect fit for the theme of “hot.” As soon as Aedan lays down for his nap on Saturdays and Sundays, I throw on a swimsuit and hit the deck – our back deck, that is. I can usually only stand about 30 minutes, tops, without a pool, but that’s just enough to have given me some decent tan lines.

Post-Workout Glow
My day three shot actually ended up being more of an accident/lucky shot than anything. I hadn’t decided what I wanted to shoot, and when I left the gym to head back to work, the sky just seemed the perfect shade of blue to try a quick shot with the camera on my phone. A little slip of the wrist, and I ended up with this melty effect that reflected the heat outside that day. I usually try to head to the gym three – four days a week over lunch time, but walking back to work after showering in this heat has been less than pleasant lately.
My Signature Color
I think I probably annoy the hell out of Sean during this week, as there are times when I am trying to capture a picture and he just wants me to pay attention to him Aedan. Or is waiting on me to take the picture so I can participate in conversation/dinner/cleaning house/whatever. When possible, I try to take the pictures when we don’t have to worry about Aedan, but sometimes that’s just not possible. If I want to take a picture in my sundress, I have to take it while I’m still wearing it – which isn’t happening about five minutes after I get in the door at home. Instead, my picture would probably be me in my pajamas – not nearly as artistic.
Cold as Ice
As soon as I saw the themes for this round, I pretty much knew what I wanted to do. I had hoped to take a picture of my ring for the last round, as it is my favorite piece of jewelry for a number of reasons, and when I saw that the day five theme was “ice,” I knew that would be a perfect time for this shot. Sean was smart enough to know that if he was going to expect me to wear a piece of jewelry for the rest of my life, I better have some say in what it looked like. And with the diamond from my grandmother’s wedding band (or possibly a replacement band, as my mom was certain that her mother’s original diamond was nowhere near a full carat as this one is), we were able to add in some other stones when Sean bought this ring. So I spent some time shopping around and then finally designed the engagement and wedding bands I wanted. He’s a smart guy, that partner of mine.
Just One Good Shot
I really should have called my day six shot “A Cup,” as that is the part of this shot that got the most comments, but what the title really reflects is how difficult it is to get any decent shot of my kid sitting still. At least, depending on the time. There are plenty of times he is ready to cheese it up, but apparently this night was not one of them. Shooting from head on is one thing, but trying to pose and shoot at the same time got a tad difficult – so here you have it. I also like making sure to include at least one shot of Aedan – if for no other reason than that is one damn photogenic kid, if I do say so myself.
My last shot turned out to be the artsiest (is that a word?) of the bunch I think. This was one I had pictured somewhat different, then after trying a few, ended up with a more earth-mother-nature-goddessy (and that is a word – I just made it up) shot. It ended up looking a tad more naked than I had planned, but when I first took pictures with my tank top on, the straps got in the way of the composition, so I just pulled them past my shoulders. Since I was laying down in our backyard under the swingset (I needed something to strap the camera to), it’s not like I could be that naked anyways. Although if our neighbors had seen me, I’m sure I’d be getting some odd looks about now.
Every time one of these ends, I enjoy the lack of pressure to take a photo every day. But I also already have ideas for the next one and can’t wait to try them out. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that half (okay, three quarters) of the fun of this project is having people acknowledge and comment on my photos. Hey, I don’t care if it’s forced commenting – I’ll take what I can get.